Cirdan Group
Cirdan Group provides consulting services for your Information Technology needs.
 Independent Verification and Validation
Led by our PMI-certified Project Managers, our IV&V teams will give you an unbiased look at the health and progress of your IT projects.
 Technical Planning & Analysis
Cirdan Group will assist you with development of multi-year information technology master plans, which organize and prioritize enterprise needs based on emerging business requirements and funding availability.
 Business Continuity Planning & Analysis
Our preventative, active business continuity planning will get your organization back up and running quickly with as little disruption to your critical business processes as possible.
 Project & Planning Management
Cirdan Group offers onsite project planning and management subject matter experts to improve or maintain the health of your organization’s IT projects.
 Technical Writing
Cirdan Group technical writers will develop, edit, proofread, improve, and clarify your organization's documents, including industry articles, research reports, technical documentation, information technology proposals, white papers, and user manuals, to make them professional, attractive, and free from embarrassing grammatical errors.
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